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Breaking Down Teenage Myths

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

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Adolescence is often a chaotic time where, as both a teen and a parent, you’re getting thrown into the deep end. This is true now more than ever with teens and parents having to navigate a pandemic. There has been a change in school situations and a shift in the way that teens interact with each other. All of that is on top of handing the world through technology and social media.

What I hear from parents so often is that they feel out of control and worry that their kids are getting the wrong messages from the internet and peers. On the other hand, what I hear from teens is they feel misunderstood and unheard. If you can imagine, teens that feel unheard plus parents who are afraid of the messages their kids are getting can sometimes lead to some tension, more fear, and less feeling heard.

Myths That We See & Hear In Teen Counseling

Here are some common myths that I often hear as a therapist in Atlanta that many people have about teens that can often lead to getting stuck in that fear-unheard cycle:

First Myth: Adolescents are just immature and need to “grow up.”

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The fact? A lot of the behavior that happens during teen years that might be considered immature is developmentally normal and important work. A key task of adolescence is identity development, and a large part of that is trying new things and testing boundaries. They are beginning to explore what life will look like with more independence. The brain is also growing and changing a lot during this period as teens try and develop their executive functioning skills.

Second Myth: It’s a parent’s responsibility to solve any conflicts that might arise for their teen.

In reality, adolescence is a time when teens start taking on problem-solving skills for themselves. This is going to mean that they mess up a few times. Parental support in the teenage years looks like listening, maintaining connection, and offering advice when asked for. Knowing that their parent is there for them, without judgment, to process and help sort through problems creates skills for adulthood and a lasting, sustainable relationship. Sometimes, this means setting appropriate boundaries around disrespectful or risky behavior. But I have often found that teens will surprise you by coming to a mature conclusion if you just listen as they process.

Third Myth: The world is too different now and I will never be able to relate to my teen.

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That isn't true but if you need support counseling can help bridge the gap between you and your teenager. But, I do want to acknowledge the world is very different. On the other hand, so much of being a teen is the same.

Figuring out who you are, what you believe, and how to manage adult tasks are still very much the same. Going back and remembering how it was for you in your teenage years, the good, bad, and ugly, can help you approach conversations with your kids from a place of empathy and compassion. Even if you don’t exactly understand what your teens are talking about, you can remember the power of having an adult that would listen and care.

Teen Counseling in Atlanta Can Give Your Teen Support

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially the teenage years are difficult. There are a lot of changes happening at once on top of a lot of stress. So if you feel like your adolescent could use extra support Remain Connected Counseling can help with teen therapy. Our Atlanta therapists are specially trained to work with teenagers in a way that helps them feel heard and understood. If your teenager is ready for counseling follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to speak with one of our caring therapists

  2. Schedule the first teen therapy appointment at our Smyrna-GA office

  3. Watch as your teenager grows & thrives

Other Mental Health Services We Offer in Atlanta, GA

With our team of counselors, you can also receive therapy for depression, life transitions, and anxiety. Or if you are struggling with stress, trauma, or in your marriage. Along with these therapy services we also offer Christian counseling, pastoral care, and EMDR. All services are available at our Smyrna-GA counseling office or throughout Georgia with teletherapy. We look forward to connecting with you!

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