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What does Christian Counseling mean?

Christian Counseling combines your faith with the principles of psychology to improve your mental health and relationships. It means that we, as Christians and as counselors, also lean into our own faith to best serve your needs. You matter, and so we use our clinical skills to guide you towards transformation and purpose. Our time with you is significant and more than a chance meeting. We are humbled and honored to sit down with you and be a part of your life.


Christian Counseling offers you the opportunity to be fully open with us about your life, and your faith. Furthermore, where you find yourself with the assurance and comfort that we are listening with and led by our Christian faith.

Why do you use Christian Counseling?


We decided as a company to launch our practice as Christian Counseling. It means that we give our clients transparency of where our views and values lie and allow them to inform our speech and intent. All our counselors at Remain Connected are of the Christian faith: we are counselors who are Christians and our faith is a big priority in our lives.  We live in a way that glorifies Jesus and we treat our clients with grace, compassion, and understanding. We desire for our clients to feel the comfort of Jesus as we work together to bring you to a more whole and integrated life.


Is Christian Counseling different from traditional counseling?


The only difference from traditional counseling is that we incorporate faith into our sessions if the client desires to do so. We are aware that not all Christians want to include spirituality in the sessions and we are skilled to meet the client where he/she is. Incorporating faith may mean that we pray for you (not with you) before and after our sessions or during staff meetings without the use of your full name. When appropriate, we may bring your faith into the sessions.


We are licensed counselors. We use psychology methods and well-researched, counseling practices. We use CBT, EFT, EMDR, trauma focused therapy,  mindfulness, etc. These proven methods are tools that are available for us to use when we deem them appropriate and we draw on this knowledge when with our clients. In this way, Christian counseling is not less or more than than traditional counseling. We are here for you. And for the time that you are with us as a client, providing you with the best care and counseling is our singular focus.

What Christian Counseling is NOT

We do not try to convert, evangelize, or force you to read the Bible. We are open to bringing Christianity into our counseling sessions and do not shy away from bringing God into our conversations.  We will not shame you or call out sin, or tell you to pray for things to go away. Christian counseling is not a place of judgement or a place to limit the topics you desire to process. We want you to go as deep as you want to go and to be as vulnerable as you want to be. Honesty is key for any therapeutic relationship so wherever you are in your walk with God, you are welcome here. We believe that God heals; how he chooses to heal is up to him, whether it is therapy, medication, prayer, and/or something else entirely.

What is the goal of counseling?


Our goal is to be curious about your story. We want you to find the root causes of emotional distress, self sabotaging behaviors, and unsatisfied relationships. We want to listen to what you struggle with and how you’ve experienced life so that we can help you become aware of these root causes as you share with us. Once you become aware, we can give you practical tools to move you into healing and whatever goal you wish to set.


There is no time limit for counseling that we impose; take whatever time you need to feel well equipped and confident to move forward.

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How do I begin Christian Counseling in Smyrna, GA?

You can take the first step today. Call to make an appointment. You can call to just inquire what a counseling session would entail. Or if you prefer, you can send us an email. We want to be a helpful resource informing your decision of whether Christian counseling is right for you.


Mental Health Services at Remain Connected Counseling 

You deserve support. And as a Christian, you're looking for a counselor who understands and appreciates your Christian values. At Remain Connected Counseling, we understand the role faith plays in your life and have many ways to support your mental health & the wellbeing of your family. At our Smyrna, GA therapy practice, we offer services such as teen counseling, christian marriage counseling, counseling for depression, telemental health, pastoral counseling. As well as therapy for Stress & burnout, life transitions, and more all with a Christian counseling lens. All services are available through online therapy in Georgia. Learn more about our team, check out our blog, and contact us for more information. Taking that first step is never easy, but let us do the work and help you see it through.  

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