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Our Team 

We are compassionate counselors who love to guide people into depths of healing and restoration. Our vision is to have integrity, empathy, fun, and care for our clients. We want you to heal because you matter. 

Meet Suzy

The mantra – “Be Kind” is an idea that has come to play a pivotal role in my counseling practice. In a world where we often prioritize kindness and compassion towards others over ourselves, I believe in the transformative power of these virtues to our own hearts. We must cultivate these qualities within ourselves before we can extend genuine kindness and compassion to others. While it can be challenging and even seem foreign to offer such merits to ourselves, it is from this wellspring of self-compassion and self-kindness that we can truly show up for others, be it our boss, co-workers, friends, family, or most importantly, our spouse and kids.


From a counseling perspective, I am more eclectic in my use of theoretical approaches to counseling. Since no person is the same, I use a variation of cognitive behavior therapy, emotionally focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and solution-focused therapy to help each person achieve their goals in counseling. 


Having worked and led at high levels in the business and church worlds, I understand the crucial role of self-awareness. It's the key to understanding our strengths and weaknesses, setting healthy boundaries, and learning how to care for ourselves. This knowledge of self empowers us to daily show up well and with integrity. 


  • High-performing leaders who are looking to move to the next level within their business or department 

  • Marriages in Crisis 

  • Individuals who struggle with addiction and/or the parents/families of a person struggling with addiction

  • Individuals in their 20s who desire to address their anxiety so that they can find freedom and acceptance



  • Helping leaders achieve their next goal

  • Helping people establish a right relationship with themselves so that they can be in the right relationship with others

  • Helping marriages move from surviving to thriving



  • Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (LAPC)

  • Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)

  • Addictions Certification

  • Prepare/Enrich Certified


Suzy Jordan | Licensed Associate Professional Counselor


Session Fee: $120

Availability: Virtual + Cartersville Office

In-Person Hours:

Wednesdays 9AM – 7PM

Thursdays    9AM – 7PM

Virtual Hours:

Mondays 9AM - 4PM 

Tuesdays 9AM - 4PM

Wednesdays 9AM – 7PM

Thursdays 9AM – 7PM

Accepts ages 18+

Does not take insurance. Ask about Mentaya for out-of-network claims!

Office: 600 South Tennessee Street, Cartersville, GA 30120 




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