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What is Pastoral Counseling?

Remain Connected offers pastoral counseling services. Because we believe each person’s emotional and spiritual journeys are closely intertwined. We provide counseling that integrates spiritual and psychological perspectives in our healing work.  We decided to hire Brooke because she loves the integration of mental health counseling, faith, and spiritual health. As a faith-based counseling practice, we wanted to offer pastoral counseling. Especially for those who do not feel like they have a mental health disorder but desire to grow and develop in different areas of their life. Areas such as faith, career, relationships, etc.

Pastoral care is the ministry performed by a professional with a Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling. The pastoral counselor’s job is to guide and support emotional and spiritual health. The main focus of pastoral care is on a person’s relationship with Christ. As well as how their spiritual well-being is impacting other areas of their life. Pastoral counselors are able to assist people through difficult seasons of life. By pointing them toward God and the comfort and healing that He provides. 

How is pastoral counseling different from traditional psychotherapy? Or What are the benefits of participating in pastoral care?


Pastoral counseling is different from traditional psychotherapy in its focus and intended outcome. Pastoral care focuses on a person’s spiritual journey and development. With the intended outcome of strengthening one’s faith in the midst of hardship. Traditional psychotherapy focuses on a person’s mental and emotional health. Where the intended outcome is behavioral change and inner healing.

One of the benefits of participating in pastoral care is that it is a space for growth in your spiritual journey. Additionally, it can help you find comfort in God’s presence and guidance through hard seasons. All through a supportive and caring relationship with a pastoral counselor.

Common Reasons People Begin Pastoral Care


Common reasons people begin pastoral counseling are because of life challenges and hardships. As well as bereavement, a desire to spiritually mature, or a need for guidance with decisions or relationships. 

Pastoral Care for Relationships in Atlanta

Pastoral care can be incredibly beneficial in helping people form and restore healthy Christian relationships. Pastoral care focuses on strengthening an individual's relationship with Christ. Allowing them to then have stronger relationships with those around them. Healthy Christian relationships is an area that Brooke is especially interested in. As a pastoral counselor in Smyrna, GA, she wants all of her clients to experience transformation in this area of their lives. 

Brooke’s testimony of her own personal relationship led her to believe that there is a healthier way to view relationships, sex, and marriage. She is open about her struggles and recent wins in this journey. Meaning she does not shy away from calling out areas that the church does not talk about openly. We love her heart for truth and desire to see a healthier generation of believers learn about hot topics.

When is Pastoral Counseling not the best fit?


Pastoral care is not the best fit when a person has a mental health issue that requires the expertise of a licensed professional therapist. The scope of practice of pastoral counselors is limited to spiritual health and emotional support and guidance. If you feel like you are in a crisis, you should see a licensed professional counselor. 

Image of a dark green plant. Are you wanting to enhance your spiritual health in Altanta, GA 30081? It starts with speaking with a pastoral counselor in Smyrna, GA 30082. We want to support your spiritual journey in pastoral counseling in Altanta, GA 30080. Call today! 30081 | 30082 | 30080
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Atlanta Mental Health Services
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You deserve support. And as a Christian, you're looking for a counselor who understands and appreciates your Christian values. At Remain Connected Counseling, we understand the role faith plays in your life and have many ways to support your mental health. As well as the well-being of your family. At our Smyrna, GA therapy practice, we offer services such as teen counseling, christian marriage counseling, depression counseling, online therapy, and more all with a Christian counseling lens. Learn more about our team of therapists, check out our blog, and contact us for more information. Taking that first step is never easy, but let us do the work and help you.


How do I begin Pastoral Counseling in Atlanta, GA?

You can take the first step in supporting your spiritual health with a pastoral counselor today. Call to make an appointment. You can call to just inquire what a  pastoral counseling session would entail. Or if you prefer, you can send us an email. We want to be a helpful resource informing your decision on whether pastoral care at Remain Connected in the Atlanta, GA area is right for you. 

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