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Teen Counseling

At Remain Connected, we help teens find their purpose and passion in life, supporting them in as they grow up in this world. 


Have you ever heard the phrase: Wait until they are teenagers? There is a reason for that phase and many fear the teenage years. The teenage years are hard on a family.


Moodiness, depression, transition, growing up- being a teenager is a tumultuous journey. Raising one, at times, can seem impossible. During these years, everything feels impossible; you used to connect with your child and now it is hard to connect with your teen. As they grow up and are becoming their own person, it can feel like they don’t need their parents anymore. However, this is when they need you the most.

At times we may feel out of control and scared for our teens. We can not control every aspect of their lives like we used to do. We can not protect them from the world like we could when they were babies. You can, however, give them the support and love they need to get through it. They are still developing and need the safety of family as they explore who they are becoming. Don’t give up on them. Lean in and continue to reconnect with them daily. It may be awkward, it may be weird. That's okay! The main thing your teen needs to know from you is that you are there for them and you love them no matter what.

We are here to support you all in this process. May we be a beacon of light and hope as you navigate through this thing called life with your children. 


We see you. It’s hard growing up, especially in this world we live in today. Social media keeps us overly connected to everyone. Sometimes that is good, sometimes that can be stressful.


Growing up in a world like today is not easy. You have plenty of obstacles in your way- bullies, family pressures, peer pressure, relationships and any other things that can come up. It’s not easy being you! Sometimes you need to talk through what is going on. We do not always know how to handle how we feel or what we feel. Our counselors can help!


And no, counseling is not for crazy people. It is for us everyday people trying to navigate through this thing we call life. You are not alone, my friend. We are here for you.


You are safe here. We work with a lot of teens and nothing you can say will shock us. We welcome you with open arms here. 

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What You Need
To Know About Counseling for Teens

When does your teen need to see a counselor?

We often get asked by parents wondering at what point does their child need to see a professional. We know how scary it can be watching your child grow up in the world. Sometimes we need help along the journey. We point out a few things as markers that lead us to help parents make that choice:

  1. School performance is struggling. Grades are sliding, acting out in class, disrespecting teachers.

  2. Out of character actions. A teen who decides to shoplift or drink for the first time.

  3. Cutting off communication with family. Students who stop talking to parents or siblings may have something going on.


This list is by no means exhaustive. You are the parent and you know them better than anyone. If you see something that doesn’t fit right, follow your instincts and get them the help they need. 

What happens at teen counseling? 

When students come to us, we provide a safe space for them to process their feelings and emotions. Our goal is to provide tools for their mental toolbox in order for them to become their full selves. We will address:

  • Giving yourself a break! Taking some of the pressure off.

  • Processing your place and who you are in the world

  • Dealing with anxiety and depression

  • Communication tools to thrive in relationships

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Start Counseling for Teens in Smyrna, GA

Teen counseling sessions with our clinicians consist of 45-50 minute one-on-one sessions to work through your thoughts, feelings and concerns. Your therapist will offer a safe space for you and will treat you with utmost resprect. You are a partner in this process and we will work together. Counseling helps us positively impact our emotional wellbeing and relationships. Reach out today so we can set up an initial intake for you!  

Other Services at
Remain Connected Counseling 

It is time to start to consider getting the mental health help you need through teen counseling. We know and understand these issues, and are ready to guide and navigate you through your journey. At our Smyrna, GA counseling practice, we offer services such as couples therapy, counseling for depression, therapy for life transitionspastoral counselingteletherapy in Georgia, and more all under a Christian counseling lens. Learn more about our team, check out our blog, and contact us for more information. Taking that first step is never easy, but let us do the work and help you see it through. 

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