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The difference between stress & burnout?


Stress is a mental or emotional response to adverse circumstances. Whereas burnout is a condition of emotional or mental exhaustion. Which is a result of prolonged exposure to stress. 


Signs it may be time for counseling for burnout & stress relief in Atlanta, GA


It may be time to see an Atlanta therapist for stress relief if these stress symptoms begin to happen more consistently or intensely, and feel less reasonably managed. Stress can very easily turn into burnout so it is important to recognize when these feelings begin to transition to more chronic issues.

Common Stress Symptoms

People come to Remain Connected Counseling noticing some of these stress symptoms:

  • transient anxiety

  • mood swings

  • guilt

  • increased heart rate and blood pressure

  • tiredness.


Most notice tiredness first and an inability to focus on tasks. Their minds keep going from one list to the next and nothing seems to get done.

Common Burnout & Mental Exhaustion Symptoms

Clients tend to show these symptoms of burnout:

  • chronic hypersensitivity

  • depression

  • impatience

  • irritability

  • hopelessness

  • insomnia

  • fatigue

  • lack of motivation

  • negative thoughts about a situation or themselves

  • fantasizing about how to escape their situation.

It may be time for therapy for stress and burnout in Atlanta, GA when these symptoms begin to feel constant and impact your daily life. 

How does counseling help with stress & burnout in Atlanta?

Remain Connected Counseling can help with stress and burnout by giving you the tools to help effectively manage stress when it occurs. It can be helpful in changing habits that may be causing unnecessary stress. As well as adding in new habits that could reduce stress symptoms and burnout. Stress relief counseling can also help you approach stress in a healthier way, causing it to be less impactful and less likely to lead to burnout.


Our Atlanta therapists can be vital to stopping stress from turning into burnout. But they can also be helpful in recovering from burnout. Counseling can help uncover the root of burnout to allow for mental and emotional healing from mental exhaustion. 

Get Long-Lasting Stress Relief & Reduce Mental Exhaustion

Most people think that by leaving the stressful situation they will eradicate their stress. Although it may be true for a short period of time, a professional Atlanta therapist will help you identify specific stressors. So you will not fall into them in the next situation, place, or people. Running away from stress will give you peace of mind for a few months, identifying stressors and learning how to manage stress relief will transform your life forever. 

Some of the basic treatments that we use for stress are mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and interpersonal therapy. We want you to have the right toolS and therefore we do not believe that one type of therapy fits all. Our counselors get to know you and provide you with the best tools from different theoretical orientations that fit your lifestyle. We work with you to gain knowledge about how your body is affected by stress and what techniques to use to heal your heart, soul, mind, and body. 

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Stress vs. Burnout 

As an Atlanta therapist, I have seen many people not recognize stress in their lives. Until it becomes a mental health disorder, physiological symptoms impact them, and or they reach the point of burnout. We let our “normal” be a stressed-filled life because no one taught us when to recognize it or how to manage stress.

There are positive and negative stresses. For example, the process of buying a house tends to be a negative stressor, closing on a house is a positive stressor. Getting a new job is a big change even if it is your dream job and stress tends to rise until we get used to doing the job well. Whether positive or negative, the buildup of stress may cause burnout. 

Where Burnout Comes From

The burnout rate in the US is currently 52% which is 9% higher than pre-pandemic. This probably does not come as a shock to you.


Burnout does not just come from negative stress from work. It may also indicate that your strengths are not well utilized at your job. Thus inflicting stress through the feeling of purposelessness.


Remain Connected wants to give you some tips to recognize it. As well as know if it is time to see one of our Atlanta therapists for stress r relief. 

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Remain Connected Counseling

It is time to start getting the mental health help you need through therapy. At our Smyrna, GA therapy practice, we offer services such as teen counseling, trauma therapy, PTSD counseling, anxiety treatment, and EMDR therapy As well as Pastoral counseling, life transitions therapydepression counseling, and more all under a Christian counseling lens. We also offer these to anyone in the state of Georgia through online therapy. Learn more about our team of dedicated therapists, check out our blog, and contact us for more information. Taking that first step is never easy, but let us do the work and help you see it through.  

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How do I begin Counseling for stress & burnout in Smyrna, GA?

At Remain Connected Counseling we know and understand how difficult navigating stress can be. Our dedicated therapists are ready to guide you through your journey. 


You can take the first step today by contacting us. Call to make an appointment with one of our Atlanta therapists. You can call to just inquire what a therapy session would entail. Or if you prefer, you can send us an email. Remain Connected Counseling wants to be a helpful resource informing your decision of whether Christian counseling is right for you.

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