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Do I struggle with anxiety? 

Many of us have experienced anxiety. This may be from stress at home, work, or situational pressures. This anxiety can permeate all aspects of our lives, including friendships, work interactions, dating pursuits, and meeting our personal goals.  There are many, though, that struggle with an actual anxiety disorder. 

An anxiety disorder is a persistent condition that causes mental and physical symptoms. These symptoms can include excessive worrying to even physical sensations. Anxiety can become a cause for negative self-talk, low confidence, perfectionism, and other issues in your relationship with yourself.

Likewise, anxiety can have negative impacts on your relationships with others, causing additional strain and stress to your life. For some, anxiety can even include aspects of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or phobias. All of these aspects of anxiety certainly make day-to-day functioning challenging. And due to the state of our world, from the ongoing pandemic to financial stressors and cultural challenges, anxiety is at an all-time high.

We know that each person experiences anxiety in their own way. This can include the things that make you anxious along with the way that you feel anxiety in your brain and body. There are many ways anxiety presents, and we have listed a few common ways below.

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An image of leaves on a plant, represetning the opportunity of anxiety treatment in Atlanta, GA under the umbrella of Christian Counseling. Learn more about our counseling services from an anxiety therapist in Atlanta, GA today!


  • Circling or ruminating thoughts

  • Irritability

  • Bodily sensations like chest tightness, muscle tightness, racing heartbeat, or shallow breathing

  • Feeling restless or on-edge

  • Low energy or feelings of fatigue

  • Struggles with falling asleep and/or staying asleep

  • Difficulties with “calming down” or controlling worrying thoughts

Anxiety is real. No matter if anxiety is new to you, or you’ve been dealing with it for decades, an anxiety therapist in Atlanta, GA can help.

How would an anxiety therapist in Atlanta, GA benefit you?

Our therapists know that there are many reasons you might be experiencing anxiety. We know that anxiety manifests in very unique ways for every individual. We work with you to understand your unique lived experiences and symptoms of anxiety. Your anxiety therapist can then help you distinguish personality traits from symptoms of anxiety. Additionally, your therapist will help you develop tools and skills to manage your anxiety in a better way that fits with your lifestyle. An anxiety therapist can give you an unbiased perspective about how and why anxiety comes up in your life. This kind of support can help you lessen the shame and blame you put on yourself and it can help you finally move forward from the box anxiety tries to keep you in.

Is medication helpful in anxiety therapy?

At our therapy practice, we understand that medication can be a powerful tool for some struggling with anxiety. However, we also know that evidence-based anxiety treatments also play a big role. We will never require that you start medication. Instead, we know that it can be an additional tool to add to your toolbox if necessary. If you and your therapist decide that medication may be a good fit for you, we can connect you with some mental health resources to get that started.

What can you expect from anxiety therapy in Atlanta, GA?

During and after working with a therapist for anxiety therapy, you can expect a few things. Each individual experiences anxiety in different ways. So, we know that some benefits of treatment may be more important for some and different for others. But, our anxiety therapists have found the treatment to be very effective for many of the clients we’ve seen with anxiety.


Here are a few ways anxiety treatment can benefit you:


  • Improved ability to stay in the present moment instead of being consumed by your thoughts

  • Less negative self-talk and shame surrounding anxiety

  • Better relationship dynamics with loved ones

  • Become more in tune with your mind-body connection

  • Find more hope for the future

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Begin Anxiety Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Knowing how to get started can be one of the more difficult parts of therapy: you become anxious about seeking therapy for anxiety. Our practice is here to not only aid that processes our team makes it easier for you. Get started with these three simple steps:

Check out our team, to see what an EDMR therapist can do for you.​

​Get started on your journey today with the right foot forward.


Other Services at Remain Connected Counseling 

At Remain Connected, we understand how unbearable anxiety can be. These issues are difficult but we are ready to guide and navigate you through your journey with anxiety treatment in Atlanta, GA. At our Smyrna, GA therapy practice, we offer services such as teen counselingcounseling for depression, online therapy, EMDR, pastoral counseling, As well as therapy for burnout & stress, life transitions, and more! Learn more about our team, check out our blog, and contact us for more information. Taking that first step is never easy, but let us do the work and help you see it through. 

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