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Should You Try Online Therapy in Georgia

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Online therapy exploded in 2020 with the spread of the coronavirus. Especially with the entire world retreating to their homes for work, socializing, and just about everything else. While seeing an online therapist was not unheard of before then, it took off. It became the primary way that people were getting help for their mental health over the last two years. The pattern has continued even as covid has become a more permanent part of our lives. At Remain Connected, we see clients both in person in our office space and through teletherapy depending on the client's comfort and needs.

Are There Really Positives to Online Therapy?

The positives to online therapy in Georgia are vast. The main one is that you have more access to more counselors in your state. As well as outside of your state if working in the pastoral realm as I do. If you live in a more rural area, you’re not limited by time and distance. You have the ability to choose from a wide variety of therapists in the nearest city. Most forms of therapy can also be

A woman talking to a counselor on a laptop | online therapy in Georgia | teletherapy | virtual therapy | online therapist | 30081 | 30082 | 30080

adapted to a virtual platform including more popular modes such as:

  • ACT

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • couples counseling

  • And more!

Research has shown no significant difference in patient satisfaction in regard to anxiety, depression, and trauma whether the sessions were virtual or in-person. The most important factors in getting better are consistently showing up, therapeutic relationships, and personal commitment. All of these can easily be achieved virtually.

Accountability & Connection in Teletherapy

As previously stated, there is no significant difference in satisfaction whether in person or online. I will mention that there is generally higher accountability when you’re choosing to show up in person for a session. You’re less likely to forget, cancel last minute, or put it off if you are having to drive to an office and sit with a person face-to-face. This can contribute to better outcomes if consistency is an issue for you.

Sometimes it can also be easier to develop a relationship when you meet face-to-face as well. During online therapy, I’ve developed wonderful relationships with clients having only met them via Google meet. However, there is something irreplaceable about being in a shared room together.

Technical & Location Issues With Online Therapy

Then there are, of course, technical issues that can pop up and disrupt sessions: lagging internet, blurry screens, and the like. While these are generally not very serious, they are important to factor into your decision of seeing someone in person or through teletherapy. Sometimes audio or video issues can make understanding more difficult to achieve between an online therapist and client. It’s harder to read facial expressions and small body language changes when you’re not in the same space. Simply put, it’s just harder to hide or retreat when in the same room. Which can ultimately aid in the therapeutic relationship developing naturally.

Male therapist conduction an session virtually | online therapy in Georgia | virtual therapy | online therapist | teletherapy | 30081 | 30082 | 30080

As I stated earlier, nearly every mode of therapy can be adapted to the screen and be used with success with a willing client. However, I have taken clients before that needed to have a few

sessions from their car or at work in a break room. This can prove difficult if you’re wanting to use any somatic experiencing, movement work, or expressive art therapy. It’s very important when doing your first intake session with a client to hear their goals. As well as what they’ve tried previously in therapy that they’d want to incorporate (or not) again. This can give the counselor some clues as to whether in-person or online therapy is best and if they’re the best fit in general for said client.

Things To Consider From An Online Therapist in Georgia

Here are a few other considerations if you’re looking at virtual therapy or even in-person counseling.

Insurance Approval & Virtual Therapy

First, you have to look at whether your insurance will accept online therapy as part of your mental health coverage. You should also check if the online therapist accepts insurance at all. Additionally, you will also have to check to see if the state you reside in will let you see a therapist outside of your own home state. Many don’t allow out-of-state providers to offer services, unless in the pastoral/religious field as I mentioned above.

Privacy Can Be Tricky With Online Therapy

Privacy and confidentiality can also prove a bit more complex with online therapy. As opposed to traditional in-person sessions. However, many mainstream video services have become HIPAA-compliant in the last few years. Therapists work hard to protect your identity and information. However, as the client, you’ll need to decide your comfort level with discussing serious health and relational issues over the internet. You’ll also need to make sure you have a safe space set up, for the teletherapy appointment, that protects your privacy. Many times people need time to recover and wind down after a session. Especially if the appointment was particularly emotional. If you live in a home with others, make sure you have a good setup to recover in and feel comfortable discussing any issues you’re facing that might involve those in the home with you.

Teletherapy May Not Be Right For Serious Mental Health Issues

The largest disclaimer for virtual therapy is that it’s not appropriate for crisis situations. Especially if a person is suicidal or struggling with ongoing self-harm tendencies. It’s more difficult for an online therapist to provide direct assistance in those scenarios. Usually, it’s best to see someone in-person or at least add an in-person treatment to their virtual therapy. Teletherapy is also not the most appropriate choice for serious psychiatric illnesses. If you’re struggling with a severe addiction or complex mental health symptoms you’ll be best suited for in-person and direct treatment. Online therapy is an amazing option for a lot of people, but just like any treatment, it is not right for every single person.

Online Therapy Gives More Access To Mental Health Care

Counseling is already hard enough for some people to access. So having more options online is overwhelmingly a good thing. Most people can really thrive with virtual therapy and find them much more convenient than driving into an office. It can be especially helpful for someone that has physical limitations that make it difficult to get around. Or mental illness that makes leaving home hard.

Female on her yellow phone | online therapy in Georgia | online therapist | teletherapy | virtual therapy | 30081 | 30082 | 30080

There are benefits for skilled therapists as well. Such as fewer overhead costs like renting out an office or gas to get to and from work. Thus leading to them being able to offer more affordable options to clients without insurance. Teletherapy services can help counseling feel more approachable for people to get some help with their mental health. Sometimes going into an office or talking to a stranger in a new space can feel like a little too much especially if your social anxiety is high. Logging onto their computer and meeting someone virtually can feel a little less scary.

Many online therapists in Georgia also offer a complimentary short phone call to chat and see if they’ll be a good fit. Many reputable clinics have added online therapy options in the last few years. So there should be plenty of good options near you if virtual therapy is something you’re interested in. At Remain Connected Counseling we have clients that do a mix of online and in-person. That works well for them in terms of decreased driving while not sacrificing the benefits of an in-person relationship. If you’ve been wanting to get into counseling, teletherapy could be a great way to start.

Ready to Start Online Therapy in Georgia?

No matter where you are in Georgia, Remain Connected can support you. With teletherapy, you can receive care our services from Atlanta, Savannah, or anywhere in between. To start meeting with an online therapist follow these steps:

  1. Contact us to make an appointment at Remain Connected

  2. Start meeting with an online therapist in Georgia

  3. Get mental health support that fits your schedule

Therapy Services We Offer in Georgia

At our Atlanta area-based therapy practice we have several counseling services to support you in all areas of your life. Including EMDR therapy, anxiety treatment, depression counseling, and trauma therapy. As well as Christian marriage counseling, teen counseling, and therapy for stress and burnout. Additionally, to support your spiritual health our online therapists offer Christian counseling and pastoral care counseling. Reach out today to get started!

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