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Our Team 

We are compassionate counselors who love to guide people into depths of healing and restoration. Our vision is to have integrity, empathy, fun, and care for our clients. We want you to heal because you matter. 

Meet Emily

As Chief Marketing Officer at Remain Connected Counseling, I blend my profound belief in the power of therapy with strategic marketing initiatives to facilitate connections that enable our clients to thrive.

For me, this role is more than just about promoting a service—it's about championing a mission. I deeply believe in our mission of connecting with clients to facilitate their growth and well-being. It's about creating a safe space for individuals to explore their inner worlds, confront their challenges, and ultimately, emerge stronger and more resilient.

In every marketing strategy I develop, whether it's optimizing our digital presence or nurturing relationships with strategic partners, I'm guided by this mission. I see each initiative as an opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of therapy and foster genuine connections with those who can benefit from our services.

Remain Connected Counseling offers an authentic lifeline to individuals who are struggling and seeking support. You are not alone. There's a community here ready to walk alongside you on their journey to healing and growth.

In essence, my role as Chief Marketing Officer is about more than just spreading the word—it's about embodying our mission, connecting with others on a profound level, and empowering individuals to take charge of their mental health. Contact Remain Connected Counseling to remain connected to God, yourself, and others.


Emily Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer




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